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Cahier Japanese "MANGA" classical review


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Now I will introduce Ninja MANGA, "IGA NO KAGEMARU".
YAH!YAh!yAH! Welcome to the "MANGANIA.net"WORLD.Today, I recommend our selected MANGA,especially I prefer the NINJA MANGA. In the first, I must inform you "IGA NO KAGEMARU" by Mr.MITSUTERU YOKOYAMA. This MANGA-KA has died 2years ago, but he made us be happy by his many MANGAs. In his works, I prefer NINJA MANGA, hero is a boy whose name is KAGEMARU, battles many kind of enimies by his secret tecnique, that's name is "NINPOU KONO HA KAGURE" and "KONO HA KARIN".
MThese NINJA MANGA boom was popular to all of children, and after this KAGEMARU series, many MANGA-KA tried other NINJA MANGA.

Also, as you know well, many movie directors tried to make NINJA movie by variety of tecniques, so this way of thought may make a scientific movies.
Please make you, yourself be happy as you could become NINJA.
As your friend, KAORU TODO.
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Today, we could get a licence about credit card for our "MANGANIA"!
Yah!yha!yaH! welcome to the "MANGANIA.net"WORLD,we could inform that we could
handle a credit card when you would pay for the MANGA by our MANGANIA.net.
We knew about that today, so I want to let you know about this important matter.
Then, we would make a MENU for our MANGANIA-MANGA, please wait in the pleasure.

"ORE HA TEPPEI" by Mr.TETSUYA CHIBA, so as you know he drew a famous MANGA,"ASITA NO JO".
In this MANGA, he drew a boy, the boy who was brought up soon in wildness, grew up as a child in the high-level society.But he,Mr.TEPPEI could not live to be fixed to type.
At first, he does not do any study, and also there is no interest in his life.
But he would meet to play "KENDO"in many sports, like play fencing. As taking natural life for some years, his motion ability is unusually superior for other boys.


In this MANGA, Mr.CHIBA drew a splendid "the education problem",piquantly but seriously. We could supply this complete set for you, with my explanation.

Please expect!
As your MANGA friend, KAORU TODO.
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My recommendation of "THE BATTERY" by Mr.YASUICHI OSHIMA.
Yah!yah!YAH! Welcome to the "MANGANIA.net"WORLD, this evening.Today, I introduce and recommend you to read, or look at the MANGA, is "THE BATTERY" drawn by Mr.YASUICHI OSHIMA, about 20years ago.


The baseball game(we call"YAKYU"in our country)would be popular in around some countries, especially in USA,they have a major league, and in the American area(nothern and sounthen), in Australia, in the Asian area, and in other few countries.
Then, a few people could be exciting at looking at or playing baseball itself in the world compared with a football. So, the baseball has not permeated about the soccer all over the world.

What I want to say, that in this MANGA, "THE BATTERY" heroes are "2boys "named "BATU" and "TERRY",they're real friends since a babies, and now they're in the first grade of high school. Mr.BATU is a pitcher and another his friend,Mr.Terry is a catcher, so as your image, they're real battery of the baseball game.

But, as for their true purpose is to glorify springtime of life completely just such like my life.
They do everything best for girls, only! They always quarrel with gang of hot-rodders, because of their cupid, Miss Ann.
Anyway, this SEISHUN MANGA is very much funny, now in our MANGANIA.net there're a perfect stock of his complete works for you.

Now,we're preparing for our MENU included freight charge to all over the world.Please wait for a moment.

As your friend, KAORU TODO.

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My recommended MANGA series, "GALERY FAKE",by Mr.HUJIHIKO HOSONO.
yAH!YaH!YAH! My MANGA friends, welcome to your and our "MANGANIA.net"WORLD.
Now,it's about noon in Tokyo, we've just have a simple lunch only for just 7minutes.

Today, I would introduce our recommended MANGA, that's "GALERY FAKE",written a story about a market of ART by Mr.FUJIHIKO HOSONO. The hero, Mr.FUjita as an art dealer?? now but before called a "Proffessor" in the Metropolitan museum, who lives between real thing and copy, thta's so a "FAKE".

Anyway, we could come closely to the art market by this MANGA, series have finished at vol.31 2years ago. At many themes, we have makde up for some planning paper about a kind of art exhibition, and I head this MANGA finished that's very sad story for me.

If you would have inetrests in ART market, and those mysteries happened at the many areas over the world in our history, I would recommend you to read and learn about ART.

We would keep full set of this MANGA, only for you!

As your friend, KAORU TODO.
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We would like to hear something about MANGA from you!
Yah!yAh!yaH! Welcome to our MANGANIA.net World, tonight! Now, we're adjusting our MENU of our selected MANGA,and MANGA-KA for you!

Of course we would be prepared some of my best choice of many MANGA-KAs, and we could some of their antique, valuable(by my thuought) MANGA work, also,someof them with their signiture, in the OPENING capmpaign sale. Please be expected.

I will give you our MANGANIA letter that I send bundled doing the simple story of MANGA which is bought to you and the explanation of the MANGA-KA(writer).
I feel sure certainly, about the X-day just after that you spent a long summer vacation.

Then, into autumn, please come into our MANGANIA.net World.

Also, please let us know your opinion just that you looed at your MANGA, and now what kind of MANGA you look for!!?

As your friend in our and your MANGANIA.net, KAORU TODO.
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Introduction of my selected MANGA, "KUJAKU-OU" by Mr.MAKOTO OGINO.
Yah!YAh!yaH!This is KAORU TODO, Welcome to our and your "MANGANIA.net WORLD"!
s I said to you that I adjusted many kind of MANGAs from all parts of our country, about 10,000volumes suitability mixing, and today I checked and picked up one kind of MANGA series, named "KUJAKU-OU" by Mr.MAKOTO OGINO, that I recommend MANGA-KA.

We have two type of this "KUJAKU-OU"series, of course I recommend both of them.
Briefly explaing about this contents of this MANGA story, a hero is named KUJAKU who is called the retreating/quitting demon teacher, suppresses the demon which comes from the demon boundary during extremely general life of today's society.

This story it is splendid, by all means, it is to suggest that the world the reverse side namely the world of the ghost has been entwined in desire of the actual human life.

Also, in addition the hole sparrow although the scatterbrain being the hero, has held the circumstance of complicated background.
It is not story of mere ghost suppression. In the Japanese long history, fight with the demon of the KOYA-SAN trainee monks who take root securely is hidden there.

If you would like to know more details, plesae let me know.
Now,in reservation acceptance only for you, with we have decided to say.

Of course we could prepare DVD, and the game soft,too.

As your friend of "MANGANIA.net WORLD", KAORU TODO.

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These MANGA, for whom? for you? for adults? for children?
Yah!Yah!Yah! it's a very hot day even in TOKYO, how is your condition in your country? Yesteday, we could prepared about 10000pcs.of MANGAs, in many kind of.
Into midnight, I as a representative of our "MANGANIA.net"WORLD for you and us,I checked probably 1000pcs, about their contents and in which category these MANGAs should be devided and go in.

In the beginnings, I worked seriously, but I knew myself to read MANGA gradually. Then, this work didn't progress after all, and Becoming dawn time, the air was attached to without becoming work.

Anyway, I like all kind of MANGAs,and MANGA-KAs, without calling "adult-manga",
because of dull and stupid to our actual life.

Sometimes I think, whose own these MANGA? For whom MANGA exists?From now I must work to devide these MANGA into a kind of genre according to our rule. And all of these MANGA are written in Japanese,of course. Not in chinese, not in Korean, not in English, not in French, not in others.

I believe that these MANGA are sold out by all of YOU over the world.Because at first these MANGAs are fun, intersing by only looking at. And, all of MANGA has different stories, not only visual purposal.

In all kind of meanings, MANGA would be for all of children, all of adults, so for YOU and I.
When reading or looking at MANGA, every readers could laugh,every readers(of course YOU and I) could become feeling magnanimous, even whatever occuring!

Please expect for our MANGANIA's MANGA for you! and please let this matter,a kind of movement of "MANGANIA.net"WORLD to your friends, yo your sisters and brothers, and to your parents all over the world!!

As your friend, KAORU TODO.
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Introduction of our selected MANGA-KA,and MANGA. No.2.Mr.TAKATOSHI YAMDA, "Dr.KOTOH SHINRYOU JO"!
Yah!Yah!Yah! Our friends! Welcome to our "MANGANIA.net"WORLD. Last night we had a 7th typhoon through our country, but the night opening, it became the fine day with passing the typhoon.

Today, continued from previous MANGA-KA,and his work of Mr.MOTOKA MURAKAMI, "MUSASHI NO KEN", I would introduce another type of our selected MANGA-KA, and MANGA, that's about Mr.TAKATOSHI YAMADA and his work, "Dr.KOTOH SHINRYO JO".

In MANGA-WORLD, we had many kind of stories about an excellent doctor with his companions, and in this medical care, typical work is "BLACK JACK" by Mr.OSAMU TEZUKA.
Since his work, there drawn many kind of MANGA on many comic magazines.
Before when I discussed with a manager of TEZUKA productions, she checked about over 100 MANGA in all kind of medical cares.

Then I recommend you this MANGA-KA, and his work, "Dr.KOTOH SHINRYOU JO".
This title, "SHINRYOU JO" means a dispensary, not a hospital, even in this story, the setting place is the remote island.
At this story was fact, while the excellent surgeon has handled many operations at the university hospital, accident happened, it is something which was thrown to the remote island, that's Dr.KOTO!

As MANGA-KA, in this MANGA, Mr.YAMADA would be an excellent story-teller like as SHUGORO YAMAMOTO, JIRO ASADA.

Anyway, this story is continued to be drawn on comic magazine, if you want to know more details and infromations, please let me know. Of course I will send you full set of this MANGA, very soon.

As your friend of MANGANIA.net WORLD, KAORU TODO.

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New series-Introduction for MANGA-KA of my recommendation!
Now, it's about 21:00over in Tokyo. We had some typhoons over Japan, you know?
Even on such condition, I know you've already got a nice summer vacation, also in Japan, a short vacation season has come!

But, but I must choose to work to let our "MANGANIA.net WORLD" soon open!
From today,I will show you our selected MANGA-KAs and their works only to you!
At first, I will declare that my selected MANGA-KA and MANGA which I recommend is much heavy in comparison with those which other someone says.

Because, that when you say why, there is the experience where I execute the exhibition of such cartoon securely somewhere of the world, and if with what from calling any MANGA-KA and MANGA because there is no attitude to call.
Then, it keeps introducing MANGA-KA and MANGA which from now on with various genres is chosen in choosing.

The first MANGA-KA is Mr.MOTOKA MURAKAMI, and his one of famous MANGAs, "MUSASHI NO KEN", at first it's excellent for his picture, and of course it's story.
The title of "MUSASHI NO KEN" means that a grow up story about one junior high school boy to senior high school, through "KENDO", in another say, "KEN NO MICHI".
As you know, "KEN" is like fencing, of course both of martial arts has their original way. So, these are each the road which exceeds the limits of sport.

If you would like to experience this "KEN NO MICHI", you should read this MANGA.
OK,please let me know your interests, we will soon get preparision this MANGA with my introduction only to you!

As your friend of MANGANIA.net WORLD, KAORU TODO.

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As for one of feature of MANGA, that's "FUKIDASHI"
Yah!Yah!Yah! My friends to our "MANGANIA.net"WORLD.Now,I'm from TOKYO, we will soon open our selected MANGA shop, as one of feature of MANGANIA.net WORLD!

At tjis time, I will show you another feature of MANGA itself, about "FUKIDASHI", you know?

MANGA is not a picture, that has a story and all of characters in a story MANGA talk a speech, so as you find it. "FUKIDASHI" means that a unique framework for a character's speech.

Sometimes, in this FUKIDASHI, there happen to draw a shouting, sound effect of surprising, or sometimes it is sad the straw raincoat slurping crying, or voice of joy of the joy is audible there.

Anyway, all kind of voices, sounds, natural circumstances are expressed in FUKIDASHI.

Since now, you could be in the future it reaches the point where you know something is expressed more with MANGA.
Please enjoy!!

As your friend of MANGANIA, KAORU TODO.
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